Sunday, February 21, 2010

Note From Gary Sands


My name is Gary Sands and Airlee was a very good friend to me and my photography mentor. I have published some of my photos with a company that Airlee and I used called My Publisher and I wrote a dedication page that I would like for you to put in the tribute to Airlee.

I had always wanted to take pictures and I did just that
"take pictures".
Starting with a Yashika Electro 35, I took pictures and developed black and white pictures while I was in the Army at Ft. Bragg, NC. but the camera got put into the closet and there it stayed. I then bought a Minolta 35mm and still just took pictures, you could say that I had the desire just not the passion. I guess that life just happened and I fell into just taking pictures, nothing special just pictures.

After Hurricane Katrina I went on a mission trip to Biloxi, MS. to help out with disaster relief. I knew that I wanted to document my trip after prompting from a friend of mine. He not only prompted me, he gave me one of his cameras, a Fuji S-7000, to take with me. He taught me by showing me how to take "photographs", I have gained so much from this mentor, he awoke the passion that I had some 40 years ago, but didn't know how to make it happen.

I thank my friend and mentor for everything he has done for me.

This book is a collection of photographs I have taken in 2007 and dedicate it to Airlee Owens, my friend and mentor.
Thank you for awakening the passion in me.


You can view my collection of photos at:
user name: ornat52
password: bandon

You are right about the Kid in Airlee. I saved for a year to take Airlee on a helicopter tour out of Newport, OR. Being the gentleman he was he let me go first and then it was his turn to board the craft., what joy he had on his face that day. The pilot had asked us if we wanted the door on or taken off and the delight in Airlees voice when he asked "we can really have it off" was priceless. The flight was great he even got to see whales from about 1000ft above them, needless to say he was excited.

Another photo outing to Crater Lake was a memory I will hold. We got up at 4:00am for the trip Airlee told me he would have stuff to eat so I didn't pack anything. So that day I learned to eat onion and tomato sandwiches on hamburger buns and wash it down with O'Doul's non alcoholic beer.

I will truly miss My Friend, he brought joy to my heart and stirred the passion within me. What a dear man, that touched my heart and soul.

Gary Sands

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