Sunday, February 21, 2010

From The Desk Of Gary Sands

Dear Family and Friends,

I take off early tomorrow on my trip to Cusco, Peru please be in prayer for me as I travel and my stay there. According to the weather report for Cusco for the time I will be there is either rain or showers, 50-60 degrees. So it wont be much different than being in Bandon.

When I talked to Airlee last month while I visited him I told him "I sure wish you were going with me", well I think he will be with me in spirit. So I look forward to getting out and doing some photography while I am in Cusco and the surrounding area. My plan is when I get back is to get all of my photos on disc and give a presentation, so be on the lookout for info on that. I will try to get CD's for the ones out of the area if they would like them.

My travel plans are to fly out 2/22/10 and return 3/10/10 I will not be home in time for Airlee's memorial, however I will be there in spirit.

Once again I thank each of you for the support that you gave: prayer & financial support which has made this trip possible for me.


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