Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Note From Colleen Brown

Airlee was in a class by himself. I can't say enough good about him. He had a heart of pure gold. I was looking through his photo's one time and fell in love with a butterfly pic and a blue rose. He had been playing around on the computer and turned the rose blue and I loved it so much he blew it up for me into about a 20 x 17 photo. I have had it hanging above my bed for years. The night he died.... the next morning when I got up I noticed the picture was crooked. That has NEVER happened before. It's practically glued to the wall so there's no way for it to move. Anyway I got on the computer and Rose had sent an e-mail saying he passed away that night. I was in shock, still am I think.

Airlee, I'm going to miss you like crazy. Was so looking forward to you coming home so I could see you and have a nice visit. I can't say enough about you. You were one of my best friends. You knew my love of birds and butterflies and always sent me your photo's. I have tons of them and have printed them out for my fam...ily to see. We had so many good talks and lots of laughs. You were one in a million. I remember one time when you came over to the house to help me with the computer and you asked me if I had spell check. I said I don't know, you said do you mind if I set it up for you? I said no go ahead, then couldn't contain myself another minute and had to laugh because I knew you knew I was a crappy speller and you were being very nice about it. That was you, a big gentle teddy bear of a man with a heart of gold. There is NO doubt in my mind I will see you again one day. I personally can't wait for that day to arrive!!! I will love you forever.

This is one of Airlee's videos...

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