Friday, February 19, 2010

Airlee's fellow serviceman... Bradford Whipple

I barely knew Airlee but was instantly impressed with this bear of a man. In the RollCall site I called him a mountain of a man. I was a wannabe airborne intercept 203 from before enlisting in USAF. since I had a boyhood friend who had done this out of Turkey and he encouraged me to go for it. Bob "Slick" Keefe and Joel Fields were classmates of mine at Syracuse in 1956 and I tried to talk Fields into switching with me when we were both assigned to the 6911thRGM. He insisted on taking the Det#1 assignment and was shot down.

When I met Airlee at the September 2008 PWG reunion I sensed his dedication to the mission we all shared. I have two of his eagles in flight and for me they will remain prominently displayed in my log cabin in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Airlee left us too soon, RIP. Do svidaniye und auf Wiedersehen.


Brad Whipple sent these wonderful photos taken during the 50th Memorial of 60528 taken at Ft Meade on 09/02/2008. Thank You Brad.

Airlee painted and presented this to me at the 50th banquet

Son and grandson of one who died on 60528 with Larry Tart

Brad Whipple

Preparing for ceremony with 60528

Brad sent these wonderful photos taken during the 50th Memorial Ft Meade 09/02/2008

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