Monday, August 9, 2010

Letter From Stan Poyas (USAFSS-AMT)1960-1978

Hi Gary,

I wanted to send a photo of Airlee and I that was taken in October 2009 just 3 and a half months before he passed. When I made my trip from Spokane out to Vancouver he was in great spirits and had beaten the cancer and was on a road to full recovery.

I do not know what the later surgery was for but apparantly, as I understand it, that is what caused us to lose a fabulous, and genuine person. I had seen him on a few occasions and had met him when Ron Kriegel and I went to a mini-reunion at Rick Francona's home in Port Orford, Oregon. I think that was in 2004.

It was a great loss for all of us and even with my short time of knowing him, he became special to me like he had for so many people. He was a gem and is sorely missed to this day.

So, I hope this photo I am sending will be a start and it will keep Airlee freshly in all our minds.

Best Regards,

Stan Poyas (USAFSS-AMT)1960-1978

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